Egg Freezing

egg freezing | fertility preservationIf you are certain that motherhood is for you, but unsure about the timing, there is still action you can take now.

First, undergo fertility testing to gauge your reproductive health. Even generally healthy women can suffer infertility, so being proactive can help long term. By having these tests today, you and your doctor can better understand your reproductive health. It will also make it possible to compare test results in upcoming years to better understand your fertility and the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Fertility Preservation

Second, consider egg freezing. In 2012 the Practice Committee of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) determined that the freezing and thawing of egg cells is now a proven method for preserving a younger woman’s ability to have children, removing the technique’s “experimental” label which had been in place since 2008. It can now be considered fertility preservation. With this change in classification, egg freezing is becoming more common.

This decision by the Practice Committee of the ASRM is based on a report titled “Mature Oocyte Cyryopreservation,” which examined nearly 1,000 published papers. The change is largely because of recent advances in cryopreservation that have made freezing human eggs more reliable and successful. A rapid freezing technique called vitrification maintains the delicate architecture of the human egg and eliminates crystallization.

Egg freezing gives women more control over deciding when they are ready to become a mom.