Reflections from the SingleMoms Team

Fertility Expert Explains Benefits of Attending Free Single Moms To Be Event

How and when we become parents is not always what we expect. Sometimes we’ve always dreamed about being a parent and sometimes those dreams evolve as we grow.

Becoming a Single Mom Event in Norwalk, CT

Becoming a single mom because you’re ready is an exciting decision! Even considering single momhood is a big step. Wherever you are in your family building decision making process, there will be questions. It is important to have factual and informed information every step of the way.

November 13th, there is a free event designed to address and support you in the process of becoming a single mom. For the third year in a row, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut’s Surgical Director and Lead Physician for Single Moms To Be, Dr. Spencer Richlin will be one of three featured presenters sharing their expertise.

Fertility Experts Explains Why You Should Attend Single Moms To Be Event

Lisa SchumanLisa Schuman, LCSW and Director of Mental Health at Single Moms To Be at RMACT, has been working for more than a decade on just this aspect of family building. She is aware of the complex decisions that you face when embracing becoming a single mom and has become adept at helping the process go smoothly. Whether you feel overwhelmed or raring to go- Ms. Schuman has sage advice for you.

Here are some excerpts from her blog on PathtoFertility, where she answers questions on becoming a single mom.

The question was, what should I expect from this event?

“Three words, education, guidance, and support. You will learn about the medical, emotional and social steps important to consider when deciding to become a single mom. There will also be time to network with other women who are also considering becoming single moms. At this free event, Dr. Spencer Richlin, Jane Mattes, LCSW and I, will provide information for every stage of your family building journey.” – Lisa Schuman, LCSW

Please register here for this free annual event!