Emotional Support for Single Mothers

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Choosing to become a single mom should be an empowering, positive journey. To help our patients have a positive experience, mental health professionals are part of the RMACT Team.

Choosing to be a single mom is is not simply one decision; it is a series of important decisions that will bring a woman closer to becoming a parent. Some patients find it helpful to talk to someone when they are making these decisions; unfortunately, many of their friends and family do not understand the complexities that go into making a decision of becoming a single mom by choice.  Because of this, patients find it helpful to speak with a therapist who has worked with other single women in the past and can provide counseling for single moms.

Fertility Support and Counseling

RMACT asks each single parent-to-be to make an appointment with Director of Mental Health Services Lisa Schuman and social worker Melissa Kelleher. This appointment is an opportunity to discuss various short- and long-term issues related to creating a child with donor sperm. RMACT wants patients to be informed and comfortable with the unique emotional, social, and psychological issues that arise when a child is created with donor sperm. Most patients find the appointment to be very helpful and informative, and some patients choose to continue to see RMACT’s Support Team throughout their pregnancy and after the baby is born so that they can continue to receive the support they need.

Support Groups for Single Moms

RMACT believes in supporting all of its patients with as many tools as possible; that is why we facilitate support groups and encourage individual counseling for many of our patients in a range of circumstances. Most patients can benefit from fertility counseling and support, especially when they are faced with life-changing decisions.

RMACT believes that, “the more thoughtful and informed a mom-to-be is today, the smoother things will be for her and her family in the future. The best gift we can give our patients is to empower them with knowledge and awareness.”