Things to Consider Before Becoming a Single Mom by Choice

Single Mom Questions | Single Moms to Be

Before embarking on having a family as a single woman, here are some questions that previous patients have considered. Many of these questions will come up during a session with our psychologist or social worker. Before going through treatment, RMACT patients have found it helpful to consider these questions about the financial, emotional and logistical issues that they may encounter.

  • Each stage of the process of getting pregnant, being pregnant, and being a new mom has it’s own challenges. Who is the person/people you can lean on?
  • Are you comfortable sharing your story honestly with your child and others?
  • Are you aware of the children’s’ books that will help in telling your child’s donor conception story?
  • Do you feel informed about sperm banks and the different types of donors (e.g., open door, identity release, anonymous)
  • Are you prepared that your child may have questions about his/her sperm donor?  About his/her donor siblings?
  • If you choose to have another child, do you want to use sperm from the same donor?
  • Are you aware of the websites and books being used by donor-conceived children to contact donors and half siblings?
  • How will you answer your child’s questions about his/her father’s medical history?
  • Are you financially prepared for treatment and a child?